Smoothies and Shit.

After 34 years of life, I buckled down and bought a blender.
And a shit ton of fruit.
And its amazing.

Smoothies are a godsend.


Thats my cart o’ fruit from Sam’s Club. I need more bananas.


This is an apple and banana smoothie. It was like a delicious apple sauce.


This is not a smoothie. This was a vegan pizza I made from scratch. It was awesome. Spinach and jalapeno as toppings. You should try it. The crust was just flour, baking powder, and water with some basil and oregano seasoning.

It’s Time for More… Experiments

Flipping around the ol’ diet, because what is life without experimentation?
On top of a multitude of leafy greens and some berries, the following meals (and those like them) will be becoming staples:

1)Fried tofu slabs topped with mashed avocado.

2)Spaghetti squash with tomato, garlic, and jalapeño.

3)Zucchini noodles sautéed with eggplant and olives.

I’m lowering my carbohydrate intake and raising my (plant based) fat intake.


Let’s see how this works out. I think it will go swell.

xBishopx- Wreck


You’re just another slave.

That’s fine if you want suicide
Light it up, choke on the lies
Smell like you’re already dead
What the fuck went wrong inside your head

Keep the poison to yourself
Fire it up, beg for help
Convince yourself you’re not a wreck
Smoke yourself to fucking death
Smoke yourself to death. To death.

You’re just another slave.
You’re a slave to the vanity and the weakest believe that they are invincible

That’s fine if you want to fucking die.
Light it up, choke on the lies
Rotting from the inside out
Keep that shit in your fucking mouth
You have no respect but for yourself

Fire it up, beg for help.
A waste of every single breath
Smoke yourself to fucking death
Smoke yourself to death. To death.

You’re just another slave

Remembering Never- Slaughterhouse Blues


I’d just like to reverse the roles
just for a day or forever
It’d be a day to remember
Where you’d get a chance to taste your blood so heartless
See the torture through the eyes
of the perdetermined dead
Murder is a family value in almost every home
Murder is a family value three times a day
Beaten senseless to a bloody mess
Burned alive and completely drowned to death
Feel the fear
Taste the pain
Take the guilt to your grave
Throat cut ear to ear
There’s no waking up from this nightmare
Bare witness to this nightmare
I’d just like to reverse the roles
just for a day or forever
It’d be a day to remember
You can watch your loved ones meet their maker
Single filed death march
You would sing a different tune if this happened to you
Murder is a family value in almost every home
Murder is a family value three times a day
There will be no more blood the day
(the day) injustice dies

On Drugs


Another post from 2012. I wrote a lot about… stuff back then.


Drugs are bad.
Drug laws are worse.
The Drug War is evil.

I have not always been drug free, I experimented with pot and a little acid in high school. I smoked cigarettes for damn near fifteen years. I used to drink like a fish, hell, I once drank ninety days in a row with my former roommate, just to see if I could. Do I regret any of that? Probably the cigarettes and the alcohol. To this day, I get momentary cravings for tobacco, before I catch myself and call myself stupid for even thinking of it. Once an addict, always an addict, I guess. I drink coffee, but on the days I abstain (usually by just plain forgetting to make it) I don’t suffer withdraws. I usually just end up drinking more water that day, for whatever reason. To paraphrase a conversation Ian MacKaye had once:

“My friend says caffeine is a drug.”
“Oh. Tell your friend fuck you.”

I am against drug laws, I believe that any consenting adults can do to their own body what they want to do to their own body. If they want to mess it up with crack, tobacco, copius amounts of peanut butter, booze, whatever I don’t care. Its their body. Fuck em, as long as they’re not doing it in my house. I don’t care about smoking in public. I wouldn’t care if someone lit a joint near me on the bus. I’d probably just switch seats, or open a window. As long as whatever they do doesn’t cost me any money, or any grief (a brief stench that lasts a moment doesn’t qualify as grief in my opinion), they can do what they want.
Of course I don’t want drugged drivers, anymore than I want drunk drivers. What makes you think the numbers of drugged drivers would increase if drugs were legal? That’s pretty stupid thinking. The people who would do drugs if they were legal are the same people who do drugs now. They’re driving under the influence now. What do I suggest for punishment? The same punishments that drunk drivers have for operating under the influence IF they do harm to another person or damage property. (The same thing I would want for drunk drivers.)

I’ve had friends fuck their entire lives up with drug use. I’ve also seen friends fuck up their entire lives without touching aspirin, bad choices are bad choices, and we should not protect adults from themselves. Sometimes reaching bottom is the only way to ascend. The government should not be there to bail anyone -people, banks, and companies included- out of failure. Do I think it should be easier for drug abusers to get into rehab that they can afford? Yes. I think there should be more private charities that do that exact thing, especially without the religious bullshit that AA has.

People don’t seem to realize there is a huge difference between drug users and drug abusers, and that is one of the reasons the drug war goes more or less unopposed.

We spend tons of money on a failed, evil, racist war against our own citizens. Why? Well… any property seized during a drug raid instantly belongs to the government, a la Christian Inquisition style. That could be a deciding factor. Or, it could be that almost all prisons are now owned by corporations that are funded through tax dollars, and the more prisoners they have (violent offenders, or non-violent druggies) the more money they get, which they funnel to cops and judges for putting more people into their prisons. Its a cycle of racism and greed, all in the guise of saving people from themselves. Its what we, in the real world call bullshit.

So, in closing, remember these things:
1)Don’t do drugs.
2)Don’t enforce drug laws.
3)End the drug war.

2016 update: I still stand behind this, but I will add: fuck drugs.

Fat Vegans?

Please note, I originally wrote this back in 2012. So… it’s pretty old.


With PETA and other ‘vegan’ organizations basically trying to fat-shame omnivores into going vegan, let’s take a look at veganism as a health choice. Is it healthier than the Standard American Diet (SAD)? Can you lose weight while eating a vegan diet? The answers are: It can be, and you can.

A lot of vegans eat crap. Oreos, Sun Chips, sugary cereal, white bread and pasta. Sugar on everything. I was a morbidly obese vegan for a long time, and it wasn’t until I cut that crap out of my diet that I started losing weight. (80 pounds down so far- dropped from 320 to 240, and from pant size 44 to 36). Fat vegans exist. Fat omnis exist. Fat vegetarians exist. Why? They eat shit.

If a vegan eats well, fuck yeah they’ll lose weight. Fuck yeah, they’ll be healthy. Fuck yeah, they’ll most likely avoid shitty diseases like diabetes. If a vegan eats shit, like sugar oreo sandwiches, fuck yeah they’ll get fat, fuck yeah they’ll be unhealthy. Common sense (and some dietary knowledge kind of dictates that shit).

So why go vegan if you can be just as unhealthy with a vegan diet?

Because veganism is not a fucking diet. It’s a lifestyle. Its more than abstaining from meat, milk, and eggs. We eschew ALL animal products the best we can. Leather, silk, honey, wool, feathers, and fur. A person who just cuts animal products out of their diet is not a vegan. They are a vegetarian.

I am a vegan due to ethics. I do not feel right when others have to die to feed me, when they don’t have to. Yes, I know some animals die when vegetables are farmed. I know death is a part of the animal kingdom, part of life. I am removing myself from that cycle as best I can. We cannot let perfect be the enemy of good.

The non-aggression principle played a large part in forming my worldview. I am in no means a pacifist, if attacked, I will defend myself. Whether it be by a human, a lion, or a dog. I will not go out of my way to hurt or harm others. Whether they be a human, a lion, or a dog. I will not exploit another. Whether they be a human, a lion, or a dog.

2016 Update: Eating healthy is hard, no matter your ethics. Candy and cake taste good. Do the best you can. Pick an apple over a damn candy bar. You know this. It’s hard sometimes. Fuck, its hard a lot of the time.

Stop Being Dicks

Hi. I’m a vegan. I’m also not a raving dick to non-vegans. And you shouldn’t be either.

Yes, I know that veganism is important, the goal to end animal suffering is noble and just, and that veganism is healthier and cheaper than an omnivorous diet.

Mocking non-vegans, especially if they have cancer or other diseases, is not cool. It makes you a dick.  Stop it. You attract more people with agave nectar than with vinegar.

I get the anger. I get the frustration. I get the vitriol. Its easily understandable. But…


Compassion for animal life needs to blossom into compassion for all life. We all walk different paths, dance to our own beat, march to our own cliche. Inform, don’t ram information down their throats. Is that how you became a vegan? By someone mocking you and slagging you down for eating meat?

It’s counterproductive, and worse, it makes vegans easy targets for mockery back.

Inform, don’t yell. Educate, don’t hate. Its as obvious as the health benefits of apples.


It’s so easy to hate, so easy to give into it. But don’t.

Let’s lead by example. Let’s reduce animal suffering.

Let’s abolish animal cruelty.

Let’s eat our potatoes and tofu and boca burgers and celery and apples and bananas and…

Educate your family and friends. Don’t wear leather. Don’t wear fur. Don’t consume shit with palm oil in it. Feel free to say “no thanks, I’m vegan” when presented something with animal in it, food or otherwise. If they roll their eyes, whatever. That’s on them. If they mock you, that’s on them. If they keep it up, punch them in the throat or something, I dunno.