Stop Being Dicks

Hi. I’m a vegan. I’m also not a raving dick to non-vegans. And you shouldn’t be either.

Yes, I know that veganism is important, the goal to end animal suffering is noble and just, and that veganism is healthier and cheaper than an omnivorous diet.

Mocking non-vegans, especially if they have cancer or other diseases, is not cool. It makes you a dick.  Stop it. You attract more people with agave nectar than with vinegar.

I get the anger. I get the frustration. I get the vitriol. Its easily understandable. But…


Compassion for animal life needs to blossom into compassion for all life. We all walk different paths, dance to our own beat, march to our own cliche. Inform, don’t ram information down their throats. Is that how you became a vegan? By someone mocking you and slagging you down for eating meat?

It’s counterproductive, and worse, it makes vegans easy targets for mockery back.

Inform, don’t yell. Educate, don’t hate. Its as obvious as the health benefits of apples.


It’s so easy to hate, so easy to give into it. But don’t.

Let’s lead by example. Let’s reduce animal suffering.

Let’s abolish animal cruelty.

Let’s eat our potatoes and tofu and boca burgers and celery and apples and bananas and…

Educate your family and friends. Don’t wear leather. Don’t wear fur. Don’t consume shit with palm oil in it. Feel free to say “no thanks, I’m vegan” when presented something with animal in it, food or otherwise. If they roll their eyes, whatever. That’s on them. If they mock you, that’s on them. If they keep it up, punch them in the throat or something, I dunno.

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