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Welcome to the first blog post on the Fatass Vegan! I’m Dave, the fatass vegan, and its an absolute pleasure to have you here. As I said in my “About” section, I have two children, and a third coming. And I don’t really want to be the fat dad anymore. I’m kinda over it. It’s actually pretty gross.

So, I’m taking a stand, throwing out all the unhealthy junk out, and replacing it with healthier options.

Yes, I know it is CICO that causes weight loss or gain, but I have terrible self-control when it comes to junk food. One Oreo turns to ten pretty damn quickly. Apples? Not so much.

So, my diet will consist of:

Leafy greens in unlimited quantities (not surpassing calorie goal… obviously)
Sweet Potatoes three or four times a week.
Lentils three or four times a week
Brown Rice four or five times a week
Whole Wheat Pasta two or three times a week.
Vegetables of every hue, shape, and size in unlimited (again, not surpassing calorie goal) quantities.
Coffee seven or ten times a week.
Diet soda maybe three times a week.
Fruit, maybe a serving or two a day.
All to the tune of ~1800 calories a day. Sometimes less.